Victim of discrimination and deprived of my rights
Retired 65 years brutally expelled by the police
Intervention punitive
Who gave the order and when?

08H30: still in pajamas, dragged unceremoniously in the lobby of the building by 2 policemen. They flattened me on the ground on my knees, holding my arm behind my back, one of them pressing down with all his weight.

- two agents, then three called in reinforcement
- the EMS accompanied by a doctor
- a team of four firefighters
- SOS DOCTOR and a doctor
- social workers

09H30: I get dressed on the landing, I leave the place with my car.


My birth house
in ruins in Algeria

Expelled from my main residence in France
Discrimination due to social precariousness

Under Article 222-12 of the new penal code, and Law No. 2016-832 of 24 June 2016 to combat discrimination on the grounds of social precariousness; as no one is supposed to ignore the law, the one by which I was expelled left me no chance, not even to preserve my dignity. When there is victim (s), there is necessarily guilty (s) and possibly accomplice (s). I am the only victim, it is up to everyone to know who is who; but it is up to the courts to decide.

Justice with double standards